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Introducing Decoris, the Companion of Endless Brewing Possibilities.
Brew It Yourself. It’s Easy!

Hey Decoris! Can You Tell Us More About Yourself?

Decoris Espresso Machine Timer Display
To Keep Track of Your Brewing Time
Decoris Espresso Coffee Machine Soft Touch Buttons
For Smooth Process Flow
Espresso Coffee Machine Steaming Nozzle
Allows you to make cappuccino and latte at ease.
Impressed with me?
Espresso Coffee Machine Barometer
For Maintaining Pressure at 9-10 Bar While Brewing
In 3 Seconds to Enhance Coffee Flavours
Manual and Automatic
Operations Make Decoris Suitable for Both Beginners and Experienced Brewers.

Are You Looking For An Espresso Machine For Home?

“Decoris is Compact, Elegant and Easy To Use”
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Features That Precede Decoris!


A minimal design that blends well with the aesthetics of your home and available in 5 elegant colours.

Quick Brewing

Thermo Block Technology makes the machine ready-to-brew within 40 seconds.

Easy To Operate

With Decoris, you can program presets as well as choose to operate it manually.

Brew Endlessly, Partake Peacefully!

“Brewing Endless Possibilities”

Decoris is Unique to Us!

Caffe Birraio’s Decoris
58 mm SS portafilter.
3 Sec Pre-infusion technology.
Non-pressurised SS basket.
Professional 58 mm 304 stainless steel filter.
Programmable & manual brewing.
Barometer & timer digital display.
Inner parts crafted of brass and stainless steel for low toxin content.
Other Coffee Machines
53 mm plastic bottom portafilter.
1 sc or no pre-infusion technology.
Pressurised basket creates fake pressure.
Professional 53 mm stainless steel filter.
Programmable brewing option.
No barometer & timer display.
Internal parts crafted of alloys or other materials with lead-content.

How Caffe Birraio Helps
You Brew The Perfect Coffee?

The Birth of Decoris

2010 The idea of bringing home the European coffee brewing experience crossed Sarvesh Bhandari’s mind while he was still studying in London…
The determination of spreading the European Coffee Brewing experience struck him since then…
2015 Yet again the idea was triggered while Sarvesh was visiting the Gulf Region. There he witnessed the advanced technology for brewing coffee…
2017 When he came back to India, he saw the untapped market of Coffee Machines as an opportunity and gathered the wits to come up with the initial concept of Decoris…
2018- Present Caffe Birraio is engaged in providing coffee brewing experience at home and building an ecosystem of coffee enthusiasts with their innovative espresso machine and finest coffee blends in India.

What Makes Caffe Birraio
An Ideal Vendor For An Espresso Machine?

Years In Operation
Number of Clients
1 +
Total Machines Sold
1 +
Beans Roasted Monthly
1 Tonnes
“We don’t just sell coffee machines & beans but… It’s a lifestyle & an experience we promote.”

Get Infused With The Aromatic Flavours That Perfectly Blend With Your Taste Palette!

Let’s Hear What Amazon Has
To Say For Decoris!

40 reviews on
Jhelum Gosalia
Jhelum Gosalia
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Value for money- great tasting coffee! Used to use a nespresso machine before this- however was in need of more nuance and authenticity in the flavour of my daily cuppa. After much research between all the brands available (excessive video and textual research) I concluded that this was the best for for my requirement. I’m so glad that assessment was correct. The setup, the quality, the cafe style quality has changed my mornings! Also very happy with the after sales service and a demo that I was given by the team and Pratyush. Kudos! And all the best.
Ravinder Chahal
Ravinder Chahal
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): A barista level coffee experience at comfort of home. The machine is perfect as someone would like for domestic purposes. The machine works extremely well. The espresso extraction is perfect with perfect time. One can't believe that they will get so much in this compact package. What I liked most are full-size portafilter, Steel, brass internal components, and an amazing powerful steam wand (Used for a couple of days till now, will update if it weakens over time). I used to have a very expensive Italian machine but that was having multiple issues and had to return due to lack of service from the reseller.But in this case, this machine is made in India, so one can expect great service from the seller, and actually, I experienced that where all of my doubts were cleared over the phone in a very efficient manner.Like everything, there are some designs issues that I feel could be improved are-1. The space between the portafilter and spill tray to put a cup or mug is too cramped, a normal size cup could not be directly placed there. Quite possible that is something that designers don't want and the space is for espresso shot cups only.2. The weight is less, so the machine feels unstable while removing the portafilter, but that is manageable against the benefits and functionality it provides.Overall experience is great and you will get Barista level coffee at home. I also recommend the seller's in-house coffee blends for great taste as I experienced some. Those are simply amazing ,
Shruti joshi
Shruti joshi
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Coffee lovers, this is the machine for you It’s the best purchase.I bought this product in December.Who really know the taste of coffee would love this machine.I am super happy with the product
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Great Machine Machine is fabulous with great coffee and great service. The best coffee powder for the machine is from this company itself.
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Excellent for home, small office use I am Using it for over a year, atleast 5 cups per day. Perfect coffee every time . Very good product, very satisfied with the build quality. Very helpful support from seller
Kushal Hari Iyer
Kushal Hari Iyer
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Excellent machine for home and office use and it’s affordable too. This coffee machine brews amazing coffee and in this price range one can have coffee shop like coffee at home only. After sale and service is also good and even company’s representative does calls you at intervals to do routine checks like machine is working properly or not.
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Excellent. Quality espresso on demand. If you love espresso, make your own and want total control over your coffee making, this machine delivers. Having owned several coffee machines (from all over the world) over the past 20 years, the Caffé Birraio definitely holds its own with the best in its category.ESPRESSO MACHINE1. Easy to use (if one is familiar with espresso machines). Caffé Birraio representatives are easy to contact and are happy to do a video call if one needs help/instruction. Oftentimes espresso machines can be temperamental/need service and we presume getting this service will not be an issue if required in future.2. Delivers excellent espresso shots. The bar meter is very useful. Following the recommended bar measure helps in getting the best shot possible with excellent crema. We use a dark roast with hints of chocolate, low in acidity: the extraction has kept in character with the bean, delivering a deep red/orange-brown shot that is not excessively bitter/acidic.3. Foaming milk is very easy. One can heat milk to the desired temperature and get excellent foam.4. We have made macchiatos and cappuccinos so far with ease.5. Porte filter and tamper are built well. The tamper weight is perfect and the shape of the handle makes it easy to hold.BURR GRINDER1. The grinder came pre set based on our requirement for espresso shots. A representative called and enquired as to what our preference was. This can be easily changed at home.2. Love that the portafilter can be used for on demand fresh ground coffee beans.3. Burr grinder also comes with a collection jar that has an airtight lid, should one want to pre-grind a batch of beans.4. NOTE: better setup instructions should be provided. The bean hopper was not getting locked in place. We did a call with Caffé Birraio and they showed us how the arm inside the hopper needs to be turned clockwise to secure it in place.We'd definitely recommend this machine to anyone that loves espresso/coffee.Fabulous to see a top notch machine come from India.
True Beginnings
True Beginnings
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Long term usability We have not been able to get this brewing experience yet and thats when I found out about this on Amazon. I am thankful that a lot of thoughtful features are included in this machine. Most people will find it like a guide to get the proper brewing experience.I also had problems after using non standard coffee grinds. And the company seeviced the machine with amazing results I'm amazed at how much better it works now.
Rohith Namboothiri
Rohith Namboothiri
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): A great Espresso Machine I am a coffee enthusiast and was searching for a professional consumer grade espresso machine for personal use and I came across Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine.Since day 1, I have been enjoying a great espresso and cappuccino just like how we get it at a Cafe. Its a great machine, very simple to use and of great quality. Along with this, I also purchased Caffé Birraio Conical Burr Bean Grinder which is a great addition to my entire coffee experience.5 star for customer support and quality. Must buy!
Caffé Birraio Espresso Machine (Black, 1 Piece): Caffé Birraio : Undoubtedly “The Best Machine” at this Price Point I wanted to upgrade from pressurized system to non-pressurized professional machine. After months of research I made the choice based on following reasons:-1. Cost – Although Imported machines may be superior they are way too expensive. Caffé Birraio best available choice at this price point available in India.2. Service – Coffee Machines are electro-mechanical devices hence are prone to malfunction hence after sale service and support is a must. Caffé Birraio provides on-site service and support (through shipping channels).3. Accessories & supplies - Caffé Birraio provides one-stop solution for all types of coffee equipment, accessories and supplies.4. PID – The nearest rival Budan does not have PID function.5. Color choice – The only machine that provides wide color choice.6. Reviews – Most of the existing users have provided high positive rating for the machine.7. Professional – The closest you can get to a professional barista like machine at this price.I ordered the coffee machine from Amazon and grinder plus accessories directly from Caffé Birraio website.After a month of use I am very glad to say that I made the right choice. The Coffee bundled with the machine especially "Deep house" is an absolute delight. The machine is easy to operate and master. I came out with a perfect shot within 5-6 trials.The grinder could have been better if it had an option of calibrated dose.The after sale support is marvelous. Caffé Birraio does not just sell the machine and forget the customer. They constantly followup, take feedback and provide support whenever required.I am very proud and delighted with my purchase.MY ADVICE: GO FOR IT WITHOUT ANY HESITATION.

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