Decoris Home Espresso Machine

Decoris Home Espresso Machine

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Automated and simplified to reduce human error, Caffé Birraio’s Decoris Espresso machines are made to serve aromatic perfection in a cup. We strive to make every sip an experience through a perfect cup of thick creamy coffee. Manufactured with world class technology, this user friendly machine helps you brew the perfect cup o’ joe.

Plastic Tamper
3 x 100gm Freshly grounded coffee
Cleaning Brush
Plastic Spoon
Frothing Pitcher (300 ml)
Single Basket (11gm)
Double Basket (18gm)
Product Manual

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Blue Color Decoris Espresso Machine

An ergonomic and minimalist design makes it easy to place the Decoris espresso machine at home. Blends well with home interiors giving a sophisticated and elegant look.

It uses thermo block technology that allows the machine to heat to 90degree +-2 degrees brewing temperature quickly in 40 seconds.

Performance :
Optimal level of performance comes through a 58mm Portafilter with two non pressurized baskets that can be used for extracting one shot or double shot.

Easy To Operate:
It is programmable and also suitable for manual brewing so you can explore endless brewing possibilities depending on your palates. Whether it is Lungo, Ristretto or Espresso, your brew will always be perfect. It is extremely easy to operate with minimal maintenance required.

It comes with a timer and pressure gauge that helps you control your brew and enhances the taste of your coffee. Our machines have OPV technology so have proper control on over-extractions and brew more balanced espresso.

Multifunctional :
It has a Steam Wand for effortless texturing of milk that will give you creamy and thick foamed milk for an authentic brew. The textures of milk produced by the Steam Wand enables you to express your coffee brewing skills by doing Latte art at home.

Endless Brewing Possibilities

Espresso Coffee Machine Barometer


Over Pressure Brass Valve controls the pressure to max 10Bar to brew balanced Espresso.

Espresso Coffee Machine Steaming Nozzle

S.S. Steaming Nozzle

Allows you to make cappuccino and latte at ease.

Decoris Espresso Coffee Machine Soft Touch Buttons

Soft-touch Button

Makes it easier to program the machine the way you like it.

Black Color Decoris Espresso Coffee Machine
Decoris Espresso Machine Timer Display

Timer Display

Lets you see the brewing time and frothing time for your coffee as per your preference.

Decoris Espresso Machine Tray

Removable Drip Tray

Stores waste water

Decoris Espresso Machine Water Tank

Capacious Water Tank

Can hold up to 1.7 liters of water at once.

Weight 5 KG
Voltage 220-240V 50hz  1450watts
Body SS front panel and ABS
Switch Electronic switch, microcomputer temperature control
Brewing Programmable and manual  brewing options.
Brewing Temperature 91 degree celsius +-2 degrees
Thermoblock Italian  Zoppas Thermoblock with SS heating tube to prevent aluminium oxidizing.
Tank capacity 1.7 ltr removable water reservoir
Pump 15 bar italian ulka pump
Connector SS304
Dimensions HxDxW 29cm x 22cm x 32mm
Pressure Over Pressure Valve to control pressure to a maximum of 10 bar
Red Color Decoris Espresso Coffee Machine

Why Caffé Birraio

Caffé Birraio Other Machines
58 mm SS porta filter extracts perfect crema. 53 mm plastic bottom porta filter.
Pre-infusion technology. No pre-infusion technology.
Non-Pressurized SS basket. Pressurized basket creates fake pressure.
Profesional 58 mm 304 stainless steel filter. Profesional 53 mm stainless steel filter.
Programmable and manual brewing option. Programmable brewing option.
Barometer and timer digital display. NO Barometer and timer display.

Question & Answers

Is it suitable for using in a cafe?

Not to be used for more than 20 cups / day . Though machine doesnt stop after brewing 10 times but we recommend this machine for home or personal use only . Thank you

Does it have a 3 way solenoid valve ? If not can it be done on an order basis ?

Yes …it has 3 way solenoid valve that leaves the coffee puck dry post brewing.

Does your machine comes with a pre-infusion?

yes  3 sec.

Is this product contain any warranty? How do you process with complaints under warranty and post warranty period ?

Any complaint is directly registered with caffe birraio and once registered service team takes an action within 24-48hours .

Warranty : 1 year warranty covered for home use or personal use only. On site visit in all major cities where , we dont have on site service support machine will be picked by company on company cost basis and will be dropped on company cost for period which is covered or not covered under warranty . Post warranty we have fixed service charges INR1000+GSt can be changed without prior notice . And under warranty no service charges charged to the customer post warranty only service charges are charged and addition to that charges of spare parts if required to replaced . 

Can you organize a demo ?

Any complaint is directly registered with caffe birraio and once registered service team takes an action within 24-48hours .

 we can provide an online demo at the moment . Please drop us a mail or message for same.

In which country is this machine manufactured?

Major components imported from italy , germany and outer fabrication from china . SS 316 and copper connectors manufactured by caffe Birraio and assembled in India .

what all types of hot and cold coffee can be made using this machine ? Also share a link for the detailed product brochure

Its an espresso machine …possibly can make most of the coffees offered in cafe ..cappuccino, latte , flat white , amaricano ..and many more for cold coffee you would need a blender …pls share your contact details we will share over the product catalogue..thanks

Is this a single boiler or a Thermoblock?

Thermoblock as it is domestic use and machine starts withinn 30 secs for brewing . Latest generation of italian make thermoblocks used . Thank you

Do you provide in-home installation services along with product usage training in Bangalore?

Some people install their machines by their own as its a plug and play but from our end our barista calls every customer to help them brew their perfect cup.

How is this machine better than budan machine available on amazon india ....budan machine appears 100% identical yet 10k cheaper

Hello Sir 

Thanks for your enquiry . 

As a Caffe Birraio we beleive our constomer is not buying the machine he is buying an experience and look forward to have a perfect cup of Joe at his comfort . 

Budan is not comparable though but still we would clear your doubt and explain features of our product. 

Espresso Brewing Science : Where hot water 89-91 Degrees celcius water flows through coffee grounds and makes a pressure of 9-10 bar max and extract in a ratio of 1:2 . Suppose if 18grm coffee in basket than 36grm extraction in 25 sec minimum from 1st drop . 

Caffe Birraio gives you better CONTROL …you can Pre-set time and also you can brew manually and stop brewing manually . This will give you better control on extraction and leads to better taste . In automatic machine coffee stops brewing at a Pre- set time and everytime extraction is not same in espresso machine . Different brew forms espresso, lungo and ristretto possible from this machine .

Temperature : Our SS connectors 304 instead of plastic connectors : Temperature is appropriate at group head to extract best flavors and no toxic content due to no plastic at grouphead connector and frothing connector . More Durable for long time as plastic breaks once its over heated with time and creates toxic content . 

Pressure Control: maximum 9-10 bar pressure control technology . 1st in India in mid segment home espresso machine . Right pressure control is the most vital part of brewing balanced espresso . Machines with plastic valve or no pressure control is just like car with speedometer but with no break . You would need to control underpressure over pressure or extraction is controlled by the machine . 

Strong Brewing Customer Support : We assemble and only deal in these machines since 4 years and have expertise in the technology in India our team doesnt just provide the service but also helps you find your perfect cup through video calls and rigorous follow ups . 

What are the dimensions and weight of the machine ?

Machine dimensions : 12inch H × 9inch B × 11.5inch Depth and weight 5kg .


Ebony Black, Pearl White, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Stainless Steel

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