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The rise of coffee culture around the world and the coinciding lack of quality coffee in India gave birth to Caffé Birraio – India’s first brand that creates the finest espresso machines, coffee brewing equipment and roasted coffee beans.

Since our inception in 2017, Caffé Birraio’s mission has been to bring authentic Italian espresso coffee without compromising on taste by providing a user friendly machine. Our vision is to bring the authentic coffee revolution to India and replace commercial grade coffee. Caffé Birraio espresso machines, coffee brewing equipment is perfect for homes and offices. You can easily find Caffe Birraio’s roasted coffee beans in trendy cafes anywhere.

Where it all began
The idea first struck us when we realized how much people missed a freshly brewed and soothing cup of coffee after they returned from their European vacations. Even after endless searching, a simple yet authentic cup of coffee was hard to find in India. We then created Caffé Birraio to make life easier for every coffee connoisseur who could enjoy their favorite barista brew in the comfort of their home or office.

We strongly believe that brewing authentic coffee is a specialized art and science. However, anyone with an undying love for coffee must be able to easily brew and relish it. Caffé Birraio revives the memories of every authentic European cup of coffee through an exclusive range of coffee brewing equipment and roasted beans.

Caffé Birraio Machines:
Our Espresso Machines and Coffee Grinders are assembled in India and delivered across the country. We ensure quality in all of our products by implementing a quality check in each phase of the process and with each batch that we dispatch. For our Espresso Machines, we also offer complete service support in the form of video training and demo classes. We’ll always be readily available to assist you throughout your journey with Caffé Birraio.

As our aim is to help you brew a perfect and soothing cup of coffee, our experts will also help you identify your palate so that your coffee is made to suit your own tastes and preferences. So sit back, ditch commercial coffee and join the authentic coffee revolution with Caffé Birraio.

Caffé Birraio Roasted Coffee Beans:
In 2019, our passion for coffee drove us to start roasting coffee beans with a premium in-house roaster. We source exceptional dried coffee cherries, honey sun dried and washed coffees from various coffee estates across the country such as Chandragiri and Hemavathi. We procure various varietals such as Cataui, SL7N5, SLN9, Sarchimor.

After an immersive R&D process, we spend hours skillfully roasting and testing coffee to make the perfect and balanced blends for espresso or filter. This led to the creation of Caffé Birraio’s specialized espresso blends for varying palates that we supply to trending cafes and restaurants as well as coffee connoisseurs across the country.

Dive into the Caffé Birraio Experience:
From Espresso delight and Americano to Macchiato, Cortado and Con Panna, Caffé Birraio makes it easier for you to become your favorite Barista and have endless brewing possibilities.

As a specialized coffee roaster, we provide on demand fresh ground coffee which is calibrated with our espresso machines so every shot that you extract is perfect so you never have to worry about your coffee supplies.

We are proud to share that our machines have features of OPV (over pressure valves) that help to brew your espresso at maximum 10 Bar pressure to serve balanced and pronounced flavors in every cup. Our machines are installed with SS 304 connectors that massively improves the quality of our machines.

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