Ultimate Barista Kit

Ultimate Barista Kit

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Ultimate barista kit provides number of accessories that can take your coffee brewing experience to next level.

Inclusions in Ultimate Barista:

Calibrated Tamper- Aesthetically pleasing design with 30lbs of calibrated tamp pressure

Distributor/Levelor – Precise edge design to make you coffee leveled before tamping.

Tamping Matt- Silicone Rubberized mat designed to hold your portafilter for slip free tamping

Weighing scale- High precision sensors for accurate weight measurements

Porcelain Cups X2PCS– 200ml Cappuccino/Latte Cups

Espresso Glasses X2PCS- Double Valved Cups with aesthetically pleasing design for espresso

Knock Box- Bin Box to throw your coffee puck

Cleaning Cloth- Microfiber cloth for cleaning

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Ebony Black, Pearl White, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Stainless Steel

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