Espresso Machine & Grinder Combo – For Home Use

Espresso Machine & Grinder Combo – For Home Use

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Experience the joy of making coffee similar to Italian cafes by bringing home Caffe Birraio’s Machine and grinder combo. The stylishly designed compact Decoris Espresso machine has all the traits to be your perfect partner at home.

The Machine creates the espresso so smoothly & perfectly that it is amazing to watch and it directly hits the cup and gives an addictive fragrance, thanks to the thermo-block technology the machine maintains a perfect temperature of the water consistently and creates high pressured steam so that when the milk is frothed it can be silky and creamy textured for a cappuccino, latte or a flat white. Which espresso full of crema coffee enthusiasts can have flexibility of making frapes at home with perfection. The Decoris Espresso machine simply provides Endless Brewing Possibilities!

Novus Conical Burr has an intuitive design along with stepless grind settings. These grind settings give you the option of choosing and grinding for your favorite beverage. You can grind for an espresso, French press, AeroPress, cold brew, Turkish coffee. You name it, the grinder has it.

These Grind settings allows you to be flexible and you can calibrate it according to your preference to have endless grinding possibilities! With so many features all packed in a well-constructed and designed the machine and grinder combo makes it all the more desirable to have the coffee machine in your kitchen counter top or your office. So, if you are true coffee lover and understand the essence of professional coffee making, this is the right one for you.

Pair your Decoris Espresso Machine with a Novus Conical Burr Grinder to enjoy freshly brewed authentic espresso.

You can check detailed descriptions of Decoris Espresso Machine & Novus Conical Burr Grinder on the individual product pages.

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Ebony Black, Pearl White, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Stainless Steel

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